Human Augmentationの国際学会「Augmented Humans 2022」にスポンサー参加いたしました

15th Rock Venturesはこの度、Human Augmentationに関する国際学会「Augmented Humans 2022」にスポンサー参加し、「BEST DEMO Award」「BEST Posters Awards」を授賞しましたことをお知らせいたします。

BEST DEMO Award授賞:

StressMincer: Enhancement of Catharsis Effect by Visualization of Words and Destruction with Haptic Feedback

BEST Posters Awards

Introducing a Concept of Gamification to Microscopic Suturing Training

DynamicSkin: Bio-inspired Scaled Sleeve for Body Temperature Regulation and Dynamic Self-Expression

Deep Leaning-Based Perceptual Stimulus Encoder for Bionic Vision